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Bear Market Trader | 01062021 Gold Nugget
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01062021 Gold Nugget

01062021 Gold Nugget

#fin­twit #order­flow #day­trad­ing

When there is a Poor Low formed on the pro­file it doesn’t mean it will get tak­en out dur­ing the ses­sion. Although in my expe­ri­ence this has been the case more than it has not been. Thus even with price action align­ing with a failed auc­tion at a large imbal­ance loca­tion with near­by H4 demand, I decid­ed to sit this one out. Noth­ing wrong with that. Live and learn for next time. Build your expe­ri­ence. Don’t gamble.

For more info check out my Dai­ly Report Card:


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