Bear Market Trader | 11122020 Gold Nugget

11122020 Gold Nugget

11122020 Gold Nugget

I learned that even though I still make mis­takes, they are not rook­ie rook­ie mis­takes. They are mis­takes I need some fine-tun­ing on. Fur­ther­more, I learned that I can man­age to dig myself out of a hole if the mar­ket pro­vides me with such opportunity. 

It feels so good to be in the thick of things again! After leav­ing the men­tor­ing group at the end of last month I was sooo ready to get start­ed ‘on my own’. Then the whole US elec­tions hap­pened and I had to sit on my hands the entire time pro­long­ing the time for me to prove to myself that I can do this. I was going a bit crazy to find some­thing to fill the gap to be hon­est. Good thing I already am crazy. Bet­ter than being nor­mal: can I get a hal­lelu­jah!! 🙂 We all have these voic­es in our heads doubt­ing and some­times cre­at­ing hav­oc but know­ing that you know what to do when the time calls for it is gold­en my friend…  Gold. That only comes with expe­ri­ence. Nev­er doubt your­self and your abil­i­ties even when oth­ers do. They don’t know what you know. They can’t. They don’t give a fuck. They don’t have to. Just you give a fuck. Now go on and give more fucks about yourself! 😛


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