11242020 Gold Nugget - Bear Market Trader

11242020 Gold Nugget

11242020 Gold Nugget

I reaf­firmed that I should be more patient. I do pret­ty well with this but it’s just that I don’t seem to have that many oppor­tu­ni­ties dur­ing the LN ses­sion these last cou­ple of weeks. But this is part of being a trad­er. Can’t just take trades for the sake of tak­ing trades. Only good oppor­tu­ni­ties war­rant trades. Period. 

There is a lot I did wrong today but then I did man­age to stick with the trade and ride it out using some­what okay trade man­age­ment. If I had just placed my SL low­er I would have end­ed up risk­ing more than 1R.


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