20210812 Trade Review DAX - Bear Market Trader
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20210812 Trade Review DAX

20210812 Trade Review DAX

Play: Rever­sal — Return to Value

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Mar­ket Narrative

There was a con­tin­u­a­tion to D1 Phase 2 tak­ing out D1/W1 Sup­ply. Some slow­down out­side of RTH. Open 0.22xASR above val­ue, with­in range, mod­er­ate imbal­ance. Some LTF demand at VAH.

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How was the Entry?

Entry was okay. I could have jumped in on the weak-ish M15 Bull Engulf but decid­ed to wait for a lit­tle more con­fir­ma­tion. When price con­tin­ued high­er I wait­ed for a slight pull­back and went long. 

How was the SL place­ment and sizing?

I could have scaled my SL bet­ter as this was placed on a stan­dard size too far below IB. This could have been tighter right below IB. This way I would have had a bet­ter R‑multiple tar­get as well. 

How was the prof­it target?

Expect­ing a tran­si­tion to a sus­tained auc­tion up the prof­it tar­get would have been okay. 

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How was the Exit?

Price gapped up due to liq­uid­i­ty issues which made me squirm a lit­tle bit. I got hes­i­tant to keep the trade on longer and took 1R when it hit. 

What would a price action-based exit have done for the trade?

Price would have hit 2R with rel­a­tive ease before rolling over. 

What would a time-based exit have done for the trade?

1.8R, 1.45 at over­lap noise cut-off

What did I do well?

I did well to under­stand the nar­ra­tive and go long at a pull­back to the LTF demand at VAH rever­sal from with­in IB before wait­ing for an IB extension. 

What could I have done better?

I could have let the trade go on longer but with sum­mer­time trad­ing and lack of con­fi­dence in the liq­uid­i­ty gap I think I did fine here. 


Low liq­uid­i­ty can cause intrases­sion gaps. 

Missed Oppor­tu­ni­ty


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