20211022 Missed Trade DAX - Bear Market Trader
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20211022 Missed Trade DAX

20211022 Missed Trade DAX

Play: Strength From With­in IBR / Val­ue Edge Rever­sal after a probe out­side of value

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These are trades I could have tak­en but for some rea­son I did not. This could be due to me not pay­ing atten­tion or sim­ply not feel­ing like trad­ing. This is usu­al­ly the case when I am not in the right state of mind due to lack of sleep, per­son­al issues, etc.

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  • Prod­uct
    • DAX
  • Open Sen­ti­ment
    • Open With­in Val­ue, Bal­anc­ing Market
  • IBR
    • 0.89xASR
  • Hypo
    • 4
  • Set­up
    • Strength From With­in IBR (wrong ter­mi­nol­o­gy for this set­up still work­ing on a dif­fer­ent name) Per­haps a Val­ue Edge Rever­sal after a probe out­side of value. 
  • Pro­posed Entry Technique
    • LTF entry off M Three Out­side Up to M5 consolidation
  • SL Place­ment
    • Stan­dard SL (30)
  • TPO peri­od for Entry
    • D TPO
  • Trade Dura­tion
    • 2 hours
  • Long/Short
    • Long
  • Lead­ing Narrative
    • W1 Bull Engulf the pre­vi­ous week clos­ing at W1 Sup­ply Base lev­el indi­cat­ing a poten­tial for continuation
    • Poten­tial­ly devel­op­ing W1 base fol­low­ing the W1 Bull Engulf (which could make sense for the move to hap­pen on Friday)
    • 5‑day brack­et­ing range where the last two days have widen­ing val­ues indi­cat­ing a pos­si­ble move com­ing up
    • New­ly formed H4 Bull Engulf C‑dem with­in Val­ue, price tests it coin­cid­ing with a test of val­ue edge
    • Upward bias in equities
  • Rea­son for miss­ing the trade
    • Trad­ing right into D1 QHi (after already hav­ing tak­en a trade that didn’t pan out. Hind­sight is 20/20 they say but I must’ve timed it wrong). 
  • Result
    • Tar­get hit?
      • Yes, 2R
    • Time-based Exit?
      • 2.2R
    • Over­lap Noise?
      • 2.8R
    • End of Day?
      • 1.5R
    • High­est R multiple?
      • 2.9R

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Good points

  • Com­ing up with the trade idea
  • See­ing the move devel­op in line with trade idea
  • Log­ging trade idea to keep track of for future opportunities

Bad Points

  • Hes­i­tat­ing to take the trade and con­se­quent­ly not tak­ing it

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