20210804 Trade Review GBPNZD - Bear Market Trader
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20210804 Trade Review GBPNZD

20210804 Trade Review GBPNZD

Play: Failed Auc­tion (Bad Trad­ing Idea)

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Mar­ket Narrative

There was a H4 Phase 4 and price was trad­ing at W1 demand. Trend is up 2/3. 2.03xASR Below Val­ue, Out­side Range. Huge imbal­ance. C TPO ducked below IB and then closed as a Bull­ish Inside Bar Fail­ing the Auction. 

How was the Entry?

With the M30 Bull­ish Inside Bar formed there was a pull­back to new­ly devel­oped M15 demand through M15 Three Out­side Up. Entry was off the pullback. 

How was the SL place­ment and sizing?

A lit­tle over nor­mal stan­dard size as I found the stan­dard size a bit too tight. This was due to ASR being too tight (sub 80 pips). 

How was the prof­it target?

Not great. 1R at IB high. Anoth­er rea­son why this trade was a bad idea. Prefer­ably for a Failed Auc­tion a 1.3+ would be best. Oth­er­wise use scal­ing tech­nique to bet­ter the R‑multiple. 

How was the Exit?

When E TPO closed retrac­ing D I took off the trade at Entry for break even ie. 0R after the trade went up to only 0.5R. 

What would a price action-based exit have done for the trade?


What would a time-based exit have done for the trade?


What did I do well?

I did well to cut the trade when I did.

What could I have done better?

I could have not tak­en this trade due to the pos­si­ble H4 DBD devel­op­ing caus­ing sell­ing pres­sure as well as not hav­ing at least a M15 Bull Engulf fail­ing the auction. 



Missed Oppor­tu­ni­ty


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