20210927 Missed Trade Gold - Bear Market Trader
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20210927 Missed Trade Gold

20210927 Missed Trade Gold

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These are trades I could have tak­en but for some rea­son I did not. This could be due to me not pay­ing atten­tion or sim­ply not feel­ing like trad­ing. This is usu­al­ly the case when I am not in the right state of mind due to lack of sleep, per­son­al issues, etc.

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  • Prod­uct
    • Gold
  • Open Sen­ti­ment
    • Open 0.07xASR Above Val­ue, With­in Range, Mod­er­ate Imbalance,
  • IBR
    • 0.44xASR
  • Hypo
    • 1
    • Val­ue Accep­tance to Sus­tained Auc­tion Down
  • Set­up
    • Sus­tained Auc­tion Down
  • Pro­posed Entry Technique
    • Break of IB, although due to the val­ue accep­tance being so deep an entry at re-test of val­ue edge would’ve been bet­ter but this nev­er came
    • I tried a sell lim­it order after C TPO had extend­ed below but my order got missed by 2–3 pips (even though I had put sell lim­it order low­er than usual)
  • SL Place­ment
    • I used a 30 pip SL even though the stan­dard was 40 pips. The more I am writ­ing this review the more I am think­ing it might not have been a missed trade after all. I believe the lead­ing nar­ra­tive was the Devel­op­ing H4 Three Inside Down with the val­ue accep­tance as a ‘OODA loop cri­te­ria’ to mon­i­tor for confirmation.
  • TPO peri­od for Entry
    • C TPO
  • Trade Dura­tion
    • With­in one hour 2R tar­get would’ve been hit
  • Long/Short
    • Short
  • Lead­ing Narrative
    • Devel­op­ing H4 Three Inside Down
    • Val­ue Accep­tance fol­lowed by a rota­tion through val­ue indi­cat­ing a pos­si­bil­i­ty for a sus­tained auction
  • Rea­son for miss­ing the trade
    • I was late to get to my desk after being caught up at work. 
  • Result
    • Tar­get hit?
      • Yes, 2R
    • Time-based Exit?
      • 1.5R
    • Over­lap Noise?
      • 1.6R
    • End of Day?
      • -1R
    • High­est R multiple?
      • 2.3R

Good points

  • Good that I didn’t chase the market
  • Good that I tried to find an entry that fit my risk cri­te­ria and when I couldn’t that I let it go

Bad Points

  • I guess I could’ve been at my desk ear­li­er but some­times life gets in the way which is no biggy

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Extra Obser­va­tions

After the deep val­ue accep­tance there was no test of val­ue edge before the conitnuation

Pre­mar­ket prep on the day


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