20211222 Trade Review DAX - Bear Market Trader
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20211222 Trade Review DAX

20211222 Trade Review DAX

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  • Result
    • 2R
  • Prod­uct
    • DAX
  • Open Sen­ti­ment
    • 0.35xASR Above Val­ue, Out­side Range, Mod­er­ate to Large Imbalance,
  • IBR
    • 0.42xASR
  • Hypo
    • 1
    • Return to Val­ue, Rever­sal, Failed Auc­tion Long
  • Attempt­ed Setup
    • Rever­sal
  • Entry Tech­nique
    • M15 Bull Engulf, M30 Bull­ish Inside Bar, pull­back to new M15 demand
  • SL place­ment
    • Stan­dard SL (35)
  • TPO peri­od for Entry
    • C TPO
  • Trade Dura­tion
    • 6H14M
  • Long/Short
    • Long
  • Lead­ing Narrative
    • D1 Three Out­side Up (reject­ing D1 QLo) formed the pre­vi­ous day indi­cat­ing pos­si­ble momen­tum con­tin­u­a­tion (D1 pull­back nar­ra­tive before continuation)
    • Open Above Val­ue and IB tra­vers­ing to VAH coin­cid­ing with H4 demand
    • Near­by W1 demand

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Actu­al Development

  • Price stum­bled a bit before clos­ing high­er and extend­ing in G TPO before H clos­ing as a H4 Ham­mer. Which nor­mal­ly sig­nals a pos­si­ble con­tin­u­a­tion in this case down, although due to D1 nar­ra­tive price con­tin­ued to close high­er dur­ing NY hit­ting target.

Good points

  • Tak­ing the trade even though there was a H4 sup­ply above

Bad Points

  • N.A.

Next Day Analysis

  • Tar­get hit?
    • 2R
  • Time-based Exit?
    • 0.8R
  • Over­lap Noise?
    • 0.3R
  • End of Day?
    • 4.9R
  • High­est R multiple?
    • 5.3R

TAGS: Above Val­ue, Out­side Range, Mod­er­ate to Large Imbal­ance, Trend is DOWN 2/3, 

Pre­mar­ket prep on the day: ‌


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