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Bootstrap trading

Boot­strap Trading

The inter­net is full of web­sites, arti­cles, blogs, videos, with good and bad sources. And sad­ly in most cas­es, sim­ply char­la­tans. Sell­ing snake oil and potions to the high­est bid­der. So where do you start? Who do you trust? My answer?! Trust yourself.


In my believe. The prob­lem with most peo­ple is that we are look­ing for a quick fix. Junkies addict­ed to stim­u­lants and quick results. We want enter­tain­ment, solu­tions, get rich. We want it now. Always look­ing for that next hit of medioc­re­ness. Always look­ing for that deal­er of hopes and dreams to sell us their next new and improved drug to this mag­i­cal land where every­one gets in shape. Every­one gets fit. And every­one gets rich. The mere real­i­ty is that all of us want most of these things, but actu­al­ly only 1% of us go out and get it.

The 1%

Yes, I did use the 99% v.s. The 1% anal­o­gy here and I sure am not talk­ing about the super-wealthy in rela­tion to the rest of us. I am talk­ing about what every­body wants, but so few actu­al­ly go out and gets it. Not because they can’t… but because they can’t be both­ered. If this is you? With all due respect. Please stop here and go do you. I’m gonna do me. And if you are on the same path as me? Then, by all means, let’s learn and bet­ter our­selves together. 


Sor­ry, if that sound­ed like a rant but I assure you it’s over now. The point I’m mak­ing with this, though, is that yes there is a world of infor­ma­tion out there. A world with peo­ple try­ing to sell you some­thing. But you don’t need to buy what they know. Just go out and learn for your­self. That’s what I am doing. The boot­strap­per way. For those that don’t know a boot­strap­per is some­one that sets up a busi­ness with lit­tle to none mon­ey to invest. 

Got this book called: ‘the Internet’

I have bought not one book or course relat­ed to trad­ing. Not one. Noth­ing. Zilch. Don’t spend a pen­ny! Why? I hear you think­ing? I can go pay this guy hun­dreds of dol­lars and I’ll be a mil­lion­aire in a week. Sure, thing. Go spend your mon­ey. There was still a bit of rant in me. I’m say­ing you don’t need to spend a cent because it’s not nec­es­sary. And I’ll explain why.




Like you, prob­a­bly, I am learn­ing how to trade. I don’t claim to know any­thing. What I do claim is that I will be a suc­cess­ful trad­er. I am con­fi­dent that I will be one because I am putting in the time and effort. If I can’t become one, it’s because the game is rigged and I was nev­er able to be good at it any­way. And basi­cal­ly the bot­tom­line is… It’s nev­er my fault 🙂 


Obvi­ous­ly, I don’t believe this. 

This series of posts are my per­son­al approach­es to under­stand mar­kets and trad­ing and in the end my path to suc­cess. So if you can be hon­est about your sit­u­a­tion as I can be about mine, we can do this togeth­er and get crack­ing. If ‘they’ can do it… We can. 

After all, you can’t be a good trad­er if you are not com­plete­ly and bru­tal­ly hon­est with yourself.

This series is called ‘The Hon­est Secrets to Trad­ing’. I call it this because Yes, it is a ‘click­bait’ thing. Part­ly. How else can I get your atten­tion amid all these oth­er guys. But I also call it this because I will show you in all hon­esty what my approach to learn­ing this craft is. Because I am look­ing for these secrets as well. Just like you. I am putting in the time. Are you?

Last note. Gen­er­al­ly, you will find a com­mon theme through my arti­cles and that is GOOGLE for your­self. Don’t know a term that I’m talk­ing about? GOOGLE it. I’m not here to tell you all there is about trad­ing. I am here to tell you how I learn and how you can start learn­ing by your­self. I hope you can appre­ci­ate that. 

So here it goes…


The basics

You wan­na learn about trad­ing you have to know the ter­mi­nol­o­gy and the basics of course. Before you can start doing that, it’s prob­a­bly best to choose a mar­ket you would like to trade in. I trade com­modi­ties so that’s what I am using for my exam­ple. If you would like to know why I choose com­modi­ties read this arti­cle please.

After you have estab­lished what the finan­cial ‘instru­ment’ is that you would like to trade, go on and learn the basics about it. 

Well?! Go out and learn them. Here we go.

  1. Get the basics out of the way. Watch any video on YouTube on trad­ing your instru­ment and write down the words you don’t know.
  2. Look these words up in this thing called Google.
  3. Learn what they mean and write down all oth­er words you don’t under­stand and you guessed…. GOOGLE them!
  4. Do this until you can get through any video with­out not know­ing what the guy/gal is talk­ing about.




Let me be the first to con­grat­u­late you on achiev­ing a basic lev­el of under­stand­ing in trading.


This is not FAIR!

I can hear you think­ing that this is BS and I’m not real­ly help­ing you and you know what?! You’re right. I’m not. You need to help your­self. I am just explain­ing how I did it. And frankly if this lit­tle rant is going to sent you off upset look­ing for one of mil­lion char­la­tans on the inter­net, please by all means… Go. I can’t help you. I hope they can. 

Hon­est approach

Now, for those that are will­ing to put the work in and learn the trade of trad­ing. Please click here to learn on how to approach learn­ing any mar­ket with a few sim­ple, but excru­ci­at­ing­ly long steps to take. If it was easy. Every­one would do it. You know that’s a true statement.


Thank you for reading


I hope you take away some­thing here. I hope you do go and check out my oth­er blog posts and com­ment and sub­scribe for more con­tent please. If not? Just troll me. I dare you. You think you know it bet­ter? Bring it on.



Day trader. Tech geek. Sim Racing Enthusiast.

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