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DAX 2022 Week 11 Trading Plan

DAX 2022 Week 11 Trading Plan

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This is my week­ly out­look on DAX. The lev­els that I will be look­ing at with a high­er prob­a­bilis­tic chance the mar­ket will start react­ing. Dur­ing the ses­sion I then wait for the mar­ket to hit those lev­els and either con­firm or reject my bias through price action con­fir­ma­tion and order flow. I hope that makes sense. If not, get in touch with me. I love to talk to peo­ple that are on the same path as me. So don’t be shy and reach out. 

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Month­ly — Bearish

  • MN Closed as a MN Three Out­side Down giv­ing MN-D1-C‑S 15533.08 tak­ing out MN demand
  • Price reject­ed MN QHi, no arrival at MN QLo (yet)
    • MN-C‑D 12765.57 near MN QLo
  • Price fol­low­ing through on momen­tum but is see­ing some reac­tion off MN-C‑D 12765.57 and MN QLo

Week­ly — Neutral

  • W1 start­ed react­ing off W1 QLo and W1-C‑D 12585.63 and closed as an Inside Bar with buy­ing and sell­ing wicks

Dai­ly — Neutral

  • D1 Bull Engulf reject­ing D1/W1/MN QLo
  • Price returned to D1 VWAP in DT and start­ed react­ing. Price closed as an Inside Bar and fol­lowed by a pos­si­ble base with longer sell­ing wick test­ing VWAP (coin­cid­ing with D1 Base Sup­ply level)

Sen­ti­ment sum­ma­ry — Bearish

  • MN has dropped down to MN Demand and QLo and start­ed react­ing although still trad­ing below pre­vi­ous range
  • W1 formed an Inside Bar but did not close above 50% mark. Pos­si­bly devel­op­ing a W1 Three Out­side Up but need more information
  • D1 reject­ed D1 QLo but has slowed down at VWAP in DT there could be anoth­er test of D1 QLo through a DBD but more infor­ma­tion is needed.

Addi­tion­al notes

  • Black­swan event
  • Thurs­day, Mar 17, 02:00, USD, Fed Inter­est Rate Decision

Focus Points for trad­ing development

  • Month­ly Goals
    • No momen­tum trades on Non-Farm Fridays
    • No ear­ly exits, either hit SL or target
    • Use SL scal­ing in case the prof­it tar­get for the set­up doesn’t pro­vide 2R for exam­ple for FA or VAA setups
  • Risk Man­age­ment
    • 2 con­sec­u­tive days of lack of sleep = NO TRADING


Day trader. Tech geek. Sim Racing Enthusiast.

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