DAX 2022 Week 24 Trading Plan - Bear Market Trader
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DAX 2022 Week 24 Trading Plan

DAX 2022 Week 24 Trading Plan

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This is my week­ly out­look on DAX. The lev­els that I will be look­ing at with a high­er prob­a­bilis­tic chance the mar­ket will start react­ing. Dur­ing the ses­sion I then wait for the mar­ket to hit those lev­els and either con­firm or reject my bias through price action con­fir­ma­tion and order flow. I hope that makes sense. If not, get in touch with me. I love to talk to peo­ple that are on the same path as me. So don’t be shy and reach out. 

Month­ly — Bullish

  • Weird Inside Bar clos­ing above pre­vi­ous body 
  • Price failed to close above VWAP
  • Price test­ed and reject­ed MN QLo, price trad­ing mid swing
  • Price is see­ing a sell off at VWAP again and price ducked below Body
  • Con­jec­ture: 
    • A weird can­dle close although bull­ish did not close above VWAP. Price could start sell­ing off again (cur­rent­ly devel­op­ing) although there was a fair­ly quick recov­ery from the test of MN QLo and price is near QHi. 
    • A pos­si­ble con­sol­i­da­tion is still on the table and highs and lows of the range could func­tion as bounce levels. 

Week­ly — Bearish

  • W1 Evening Star formed at W1 VWAP in DT / W‑C-S 14351.53
  • Price returned to W1 Demand Base lev­el and con­se­quent­ly to orig­i­nat­ing lev­el of W1-C‑D 13916.39 clos­ing within. 
  • W1 QLo reject­ed, price trad­ing mid swing. 
  • Con­jec­ture: 
    • Even though price closed with­in W1 demand the week could devel­op in tak­ing out demand although wide and at W1 QLo the buy­ers could take over or at least push back some. 

Dai­ly — Bearish

  • D1 Phase 4 clos­ing with­in D1/W1 demand
  • D1 QHi reject­ed, with price near­ing D1 QLo. 
  • D1 Demand End 13683.98 at D1 QLo coin­cid­ing with D1 LKC in R.
  • Con­jec­ture: 
    • Even though price is sell­ing off price is trad­ing with­in D1/W1 demand and near­ing D1 LKC in R / D1 QLo and could see some reac­tion from Buy­ers. If D1 demand gets tak­en out and price clos­es low­er price still has to deal with W1 demand. 

Sen­ti­ment sum­ma­ry — Bearish

Addi­tion­al notes

  • Black­swan event


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