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Trading Plan SPX500 04242020

Trading Plan SPX500 04242020

These are my hypo­thet­i­cals for today’s EU ses­sion of SPX500. Basi­cal­ly the lev­els that I will be look­ing at where it has a high­er prob­a­bilis­tic chance the mar­ket will start react­ing. Then I come up with ways I think the mar­ket will react around those lev­els. Dur­ing the ses­sion I then wait for the mar­ket to hit those lev­els and either con­firm or reject my hypoth­e­sis. I hope that makes sense. If not, please get in touch with me. I am not sell­ing you any­thing. I just love to talk to peo­ple that are on the same path as me. So don’t be shy and reach out. 

Obser­va­tions of the market

  • M: Q point not active. In the process of retrac­ing more than 50% of last month’s candle’s body but still a week left in the candle.
  • W: In the mid­dle of the Q point range. Not opti­mal trad­ing loca­tion. Pull­back to VWAP after already test­ing it last week. This week we opened near last week’s can­dle high and have test­ed VWAP again.
  • D: Evening star below 50MA
  • H4: H4 Q points active after new­ly formed H4 Sup­ply ZOI. Price near­ing QLo at Demand ZOI (5)
  • M30: In process of test­ing KC lev­el above H4 QLo
  • Mar­ket Pro­file: Trad­ing below yesterday’s low, range and PVAL. Mar­ket imbalanced.


Hypo1: Short term trend con­tin­u­a­tion into H4 QLo

Entry Short below low of devel­op­ing day 2763. Tar­gets 2757, 2751, 2741

Hypo2: Prev. day low con­firmed as resistance

Short around 2775. Tar­gets 2763, 2757, 2751, 2741

Hypo3: Range 2763 — 2781


Day trader. Tech geek. Sim racer/Pilot.


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