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To understand the things that I do right and wrong when it comes to my trading, I am going to challenge myself with well… a challenge.
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Trading Review Challenge

Trading Review Challenge

Trad­ing Review Challenge

To under­stand the things that I do right and wrong when it comes to my trad­ing, I am going to chal­lenge myself with well… a challenge. 


I always record my screen and then I jot down why I took a trade etc. but then I came across this arti­cle over at Net­picks. I decid­ed it would make a lot of sense to record my audio as well. Record what I say/think while being in the heat of the moment. I already write down every­thing in a jour­nal and excel sheet but I think this encom­pass­es more and I think it will be eye-open­ing to hear myself back. Also, I believe that because I’m doing this chal­lenge that I will behave dif­fer­ent­ly because of the fact that I am record­ing myself dur­ing a trade. This will be my chal­lenge going for­ward till, at least, the end of the month but I reck­on I’ll do this for anoth­er month after that. By then I hope to be able to draw some con­clu­sions on what does and what doesn’t work for me. 

Things I will be focussing on dur­ing the ses­sion are:

  • what trade idea is this and what set­up am I taking?
  • how much size am I putting on and what is my risk?
  • where will I take profit?
  • where will I add to my core position?
  • where is my trade idea invalidated?
  • what am I think­ing when the trade is against me?
  • what am I think­ing when the trade is going my way?
  • how do I feel with a win­ner / loser?

After every ses­sion I’ll review the trades of the ses­sion and then on the week­end I will review these record­ings and keep track of what I do right and what I do wrong. 

Unlike in the arti­cle I am already using a soft­ware to record my screen that also has the abil­i­ty to record audio as well. The soft­ware I use is Flash­back Express by Blue­ber­ry soft­ware and it’s free!

I’ll share with you the out­come of the chal­lenge how ugly they may be. Let me know if you’d like to join me on this chal­lenge. Sim­ply wan­na troll me? Bring it on. 


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